Saturday, May 30, 2009

Old Blog, New URL

For the purpose of shameless self-promotion, I'm resurrecting this blog, just once. Contrary to what the above banner suggests, Louis is emphatically not in Lusaka. But he still blogs.

The site of my current blog, Governance Village, has been undergoing maintenance and the URLs have changed, twice. I learned recently that some of my previous readers thought I'd given up, but in fact the website had simply been moved.

I haven't given up. To the contrary, I am writing regularly about things like:
If you're at all inclined, check it out! The new URL is here. The RSS feed is here.

If you're really inclined, then please sign up to the Governance Village platform and join in on the debate! (This is free. You only need to fill out this short application form and sign in before posting comments.)

Also at Governance Village, journalist Christopher Mason blogs about media and development, while photographer Terry Sebastian shares his thoughts and beautiful images from South America. Unfortunately, all comments dating back to before the site renovations have been lost.

This photo, of me atop Mt. Kenya's Point Lenana, has no relation to the above comments. I thought it might help to reflexively spark interest in my blog, which has nothing to do with Mt. Kenya or hiking.


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